Author Topic: Is Los Coyotes Indian Reservation open for off roading???  (Read 2122 times)

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Is Los Coyotes Indian Reservation open for off roading???
« on: Feb 06, 2010, 09:47:54 AM »
Does anyone know if Los Coyotes in southern California ever opened back up for off roading?  It got closed years ago due to a fire that burned most of the reservation.  It is an awesome place to go off roading.
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Copied from the website.
NOTICE: The Los Coyotes Indian Reservation is currently CLOSED to all camping and recreational activities until further notice please contact the Los Coyotes' tribal office for more information.
But if you click one of their links, it says camping is open, myabe for winter it's closed. Last I heard, it didn't sound like the trails would be open again.


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They didn't close it for any fire, they closed it to open an equestrian center, no 4x4's ever again..............

...........of course they haven't opened that either so who knows what will ever happen there if anything ever again. They are getting the sharing funds from the casino operations so they don't need our dollars anymore.
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