Author Topic: Marlin Crawler High Steer kit vs. 3" lift  (Read 4193 times)

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Re: Marlin Crawler High Steer kit vs. 3" lift
« on: Jan 26, 2010, 02:08:17 AM »
Why do TG's spring suck? I've seen all brands run and I can't say ones better than another. IME been hit and miss.

As for hysteer and stuff, I run TG 3" personally and my buddy runs his own custom front packs with even less lift, we both rock hysteer. It doesnt matter what springs you run, you can still use hysteer, the only downfall to running less than 3" of lift is you dramatically limit your uptravel which is limited by running hysteer in the first place. But on that note, you dont want to go negative on the springs anyway so it doesnt matter. When they hit level there's room for the links.


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