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Re: Making Of The Willy Mammoth
« Reply #3600 on: Feb 25, 2019, 05:16:14 PM »
Hey, I'm not sure if anybody remembers me, but it's been a long time. From what I see reading back is, Diane and I got divorced. Separated in 2008. Then a few years down the road she lost her life in a motorcycle accident, bottom line is her boyfriend killed her. it was his fault.  Now on my side, I  was engaged for a few year and the did not pan out. many girlfriends later I met an amazing woman and now my life is going in the right direction. Her name is Kathie and she it the one for me. Now, yes I had a stroke, small one. I am doing good, did not loose anything. Still have all my skill's. Whoo. LOL I did try to carve off a few fingers once or twice. I can't remember it happens all the time. LOL So, being maybe 10 years older or so, I am getting ready to start on my unfinished project. The Mammoth. It has been sitting in and out of the garage and Has a bad brain. It runs sometimes and sometime it won't. So I am replacing the injection pump with a mechanical pump. Now this is not an easy task and I have done a lot of research. Seems that a Mitsubishi 4M40 pump will fit the 1kzt. I have one coming form the UK. It going to take almost two months to get here, I think it is swimming? I will try to show all the steps to make it work. I know there are others needing to do the same.   
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