Author Topic: Making Of The Willy Mammoth  (Read 561524 times)

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Re: Making Of The Willy Mammoth
« Reply #3600 on: Aug 23, 2012, 05:12:29 PM »
Man that is so cool to have a husband/wife tag team on a project truck :love:
that's why I love my old lady. I had to do the brakes on her car, she says she wants to help and comes outside with her pants rolled up wearing a tanktop and a pink bandana to hold her hair back and jumps right in. I showed her what to do on 1 wheel and she had all 4 done (properly, and torqued to factory spec) in under 2 hours. I got to play "DOT" and sit there drinking beer smoking cigarettes while she did my dirty work we both loved it hahaha every good man needs a mechanically inclined woman.
May Bobby Long be forever immortalized in his work and deeds to the Toyota 4x4 community. Because of a select few including this wonderful man, none of us have to drive Jeeps. He will be missed.


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