Author Topic: Lunch Time Play Time at the Fig Orchard  (Read 4804 times)

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Re: Lunch Time Play Time at the Fig Orchard
« on: Nov 17, 2004, 01:46:43 PM »
Yup, he showed me an area on the far west side of this lot where he jumped his V6 automatic late 80's style 4Runner. He didnt watch his speed, all he did was floor it and got it into 2nd gear. His friends said he launched it at least 3' :o

The truck Tim's driving is Flam'n Toy, and it's his beater truck he bought for $500 I think. Its just his temporary ride until he gets Slowpoke rebuilt. You can see his progress on Slow poke here: TURBO Tim's Turbo Transformation So he just has a ton of fun with his white long bed, that's why hes driving like a crazed maniac! :yupyup:
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