Author Topic: Toyospearo's FLATBED build....(updated jerry can build)  (Read 19677 times)

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I am packing my rig as we speak to head out for 4 days in B zone Ca.  I need to replace the valve cover gasket and adjust the valves on my rig. After that I am gone.  I will definitely post up some hunting pics.
Where are those pics from? and whats with the red squirrel??  I eat Grey squirrels but never a red one.  Are they tasty??

Pics aren't mine, they're another member and I believe that's in oregon somewhere.  What area of the alps are you going, west side since you're closer or?  I went by one trailhead last year on opening weekend and counted over 20 rigs, and over half had stock trailers  :yikes:  Talked to some folks as they came out and they said it was nut to butt and nobody saw anything.  Most my alps experience has been east and south sides, mostly going in from the base of scott mountain to around junction city.  I'd love to take a week or more and go in to the grizzly lake area, especially if I could pack in something to float out on the lake.  I hear the trout have nice red meat!

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