Author Topic: Toyospearo's FLATBED build....(updated jerry can build)  (Read 20037 times)

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Re: Toyospearo's FLATBED build....
« on: Sep 17, 2009, 08:51:23 PM »
:yesnod: Excellent attention to detail!!!  I'm a professional welder myself, so I can appreciate the amount of work you put into it!  Great truly have a lot of talent, and should be really proud of an end product like that!  :thumbs:  

...By the way, nice pics and documentation as well.

One more thing......just out of pure you know how much it weighed at completion?  I'm wondering how it compared in weight to the original bed?  Not that it really matters, because it looks like you have a good rear suspension set up, but like I said, just curious.

Thanks for the compliment!!!
It weighed somewhere in the 350 to 400lb range.  A bit more heavy than the bed. However, the weigh is distributed differently.  There is more weight toward the center of the truck rather than the entire rear end.  I makes for a more smooth ride compared to the original bed.
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