Author Topic: My 98 Toyota Tacoma TRD V6 with a 5" lift  (Read 28967 times)

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Re: My 98 Toyota Tacoma TRD V6 with a 5" lift
« Reply #60 on: Apr 14, 2012, 08:45:39 PM »
Not much more accomplished today

Any body have a resolution to the leaves fanning out so much.  I don't want to limit flex but I don't want too much strain and breakage.  The only thing that makes me think it would be okay is it's just unsprung weight so it really should only be holding up the weight of the axle and some added pressure from the flexed side transferred but idk, I'm no engineer.

Maxed out u-bolts:

Shackle Angle:

Flex Shots(seemed to flex better and better traction):

Fanning out leaves(I am worried that the main leaf will break, any comments fixes?):

Negative Arc(will be fixed with bump stops):


Trimmed down u-bolts and leaf center bolt:

Bump Stop(mockup):

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