Author Topic: Largest tires and wheels on a stock 89 4Runner 22RE  (Read 4156 times)

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Re: Largest tires and wheels on a stock 89 4Runner 22RE
« on: Mar 08, 2009, 02:35:32 PM »
Your right about the rotational mass of the tires also effecting the power loss, especially w/the 22r(e) motors, however that can be helped some /aluminum wheels instead of steel, and some engine mod's.

I'd take 215's and 4.10's over 35's and 5.29's any-day for driving on the road. My toyota is SLOW!

I understand completely.  I have 5.29's and 35's w/my '91, and it isn't all that enjoyable to drive performance wise, but then again it is basically a single purpose rig, and I am never in that much of hurry when heading wheeling.  If I had to drive it daily, I think I would run 33's for street use.  I know a lot of people prefer to run one gear taller than the tire size w/the 22r(e), for better highway performance.
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'91 Blue X-cab 22re, 35's/5.29's,Truetrac front, ARB rear, dual cases, and custom Safari flatbed, bumper, interior.
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