Author Topic: 22re probs(timing chain rattle and High idle/low idle)  (Read 1573 times)

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22re probs(timing chain rattle and High idle/low idle)
« on: Mar 07, 2009, 08:48:41 AM »
Im having a couple problems, first let me say this motor has 7k on it(long block from motorcrate engines who by the way are no help).  The timing chain rattles only after its warm and you shut it off and restart it.  The other problem is that it idles really high  (2200) until it reaches operating temp.  Then it idles normal until you shut it off and restart and then 50% of the time it idles at 500rpms for a minute or untill you drive a ways.  Need help, this efi stuff is driving me nuts :maddest:


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pull the valve cover and look down and see if you'r chain guides are missing or broke  they could of used a cheep chain set  oh and oil psi  chain tensioner is controled by oil psi good luck


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