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Re: Jeep owners
« on: Sep 21, 2004, 07:55:26 AM »
Good that his jeep is trashed. I hope it's totaled and he has to walk. He's a idiot that gives the sport a bad name doing crap like that.
Get his name and adress so we can post it on Pirate and let the locals go have a word with him about his stupidity that is going to get us all banned from the trails. Feed him to the dogs!

I have ZERO tollerance for this kind of stupidity. I was the Landuse person for my club through the roadless stuff and my local FS 10 year revisions. I use to be able to wheel at places 30 minutes from my house. I am now 2 hour ride to the closest trail. I don't get to wheel hardly anymore because I don't have the time becasue I have to put in 4 hours on the road to get there and back. Its becasue of idiots like that and ATV riders that will run anywhere they can fit. Last trail I lost was because of ATV drivers going off the trail into Wilderness designated areas and Wilderness managment areas. That was the trail 50 minutes from me.


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