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Re: King of the Hammers
« on: Mar 01, 2009, 01:51:23 PM »
It was a great event.  Lots of carnage for sure.  But not very well organized at all.  At pit 2 were i was half of the field didn't even know were the race course was or which direction they needed to go.  The winner and second place car cut the course and skipped an 8 mile section of the course.  Everybody at pit 2 seen it and there was a buzz goin around about it but officials simply just didn't care.  Shannon Cambell got disqualified at mile 4 and kept on goin and totally disrespected his fellow racers and race promotors and blew threw every checkpoint without even stoping even when officials tried to get him stopped and off course he refused and kept going.  I think it is a great event what Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole have going but with a little more logistics and planning i think it can be a much better one.  In any event i can't wait to go back next year cause it is something to see
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