Author Topic: Hydro assist on the cheap  (Read 230092 times)

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Re: Hydro assist on the cheap
« Reply #210 on: Oct 22, 2007, 01:50:54 PM »
I'm sorry I was gonna dig up that old box and take some pics of it. But I didn't find it. I guess I gave it to someone or threw it in the container. 
But basically the box is built on the same theory,  I guess you drill the same places, there are a couple places I have found on the internet about it, I guess you just have to google it.

I guess all I can say is good luck.

but on the other hand, I managed to rebuild my land cruiser box, and I tested it before I hooked up the steering bar, (only the ram lines connected to the housing)  and to my surprise, if I turn the box fully to one end the ram turns the wheels standing on the garage floor on 39,5 trxxus,  the truck was kinda scary to drive at first, but damn I looooove it now.
4runner body on a hilux frame = Hi-Runner.
 2,4 dti duals 2,28 x 2,28 to 8" 5.71 with arbīs  and 39,5" trxus
gathering parts for my goal which is
350 Chevy 700r4 auto to 2.28 x 4.70  and 4.88 9,5" cruisers diffs,diamondaxles and cable lockers, 44" richard cepecs


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