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Re: What are these hoses on my steering dampner?
« on: Jul 22, 2004, 12:42:55 PM »
  Well the first write up I was reffered to was . I searched a lot on Pirate for the labor, not really the parts. Found some better pics of where to tap the box. The lower port is easy, it is into the large open portion of the box. The top port is a bit harder but still pretty easy. You have to make sure you catch the vain on top of the steering box without going through into the large opening otherwise you trash the box.
  After pulling the box off the frame you need to dissassemble the box. It took me about 15 mins. You aren't completely taking the box apart, just removing the sub assemblies from the box itself. Cool trick on removing the pitman (I've broken one rented puller on a different occasion from just trying to wrench down on it) Tighten the puller down on the arm, then smack it with a BFH a few times and the arm will pop loose.  :_order: After removing the pitman, you remove a total of 8 bolts and pull out the sub assemblies and you're ready for drilling.
  Everyone says to use a drill press but I was able to drill and tap it with the box laying on the tailgate of my chevy with My Dewalt. You use a 7/16th drill bit and a 1/4 NPT tap. Make sure the box is CLEAN. I wiped, tweezed, and blew air into the box for probably 20 mins before I got it all out. The top port gets metal shavings lodged into that vain so you need to take speacial care to clean that thoroughly. After you're all cleaned up, bolt it back together in reverse order.
  The pump mod is super easy. I'd heard people who went Hydro assist and said the Toy pump worked but couldn't keep up so the steering was really sluggish, almost scary on the road. The Mod I found that most people say is the safest is drilling out the restrictor plate. All you do is remove the high pressure hose from the pump, and then back out the large nut looking thing that the hose threaded into on the pump. That's the restrictor plate. Drill out the hole in the bottom to I believe 13/32 (I need to check on that number) and put everything back together. You don't even need to pull the pump off the truck. Another mod I've heard of is shimming the spring below the restrictor plate but I've heard of a few people that have said that caused the pumps to fry with the additional wear on them.
  I also added a spare tranny cooler that I had lying around so the system would stay cool and for the added fluid to the system. The cooler just ties in line between the gear box and the reservoir. Now the system is prepped for Hydro Assist.
  I did all my shopping @ They had everything on the shelfand I got it in a matter of days. The ram I got is a Columbus 1.5x6x.75 Dual action cylinder(Dual action reffers to being aple to preassurize in either direction rather than just bleeding off) and was $78.50.PN 9-4410-06. I used 2 premade 1/4 x 36" single wire hydraulic lines that were $7.35 each. PN 916-1436.  2- 3/8 NPT to 1/4 NPT bushings because the ram has 3/8 ports and that is too much volume and would make this system too sluggish so you choke it down to 1/4 ASAP. These were $.45 each. PN 9-1938. And I used 4- 1/4" male/female 90 degree fitings. PN 9-1922. These were $1.95 each. You have to make sure to ask for hydraulic fittings otherwise you might get hose regular hose fittings and they won't seat and seal properly.

  That was the quick off the top of my head version so I probably glazed over some stuff. Any other questions just post them or if ya need a pic of something in particular, just let me know.
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