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Re: Hydro assist on the cheap
« Reply #150 on: Oct 20, 2006, 10:32:37 PM »
I dont know if any of you know this. But Trail Gear has a Full Ram assist kit, which comes with the ram, and all of the brackets and bolts to mount it to the toyota axle, and also has the Hydro lines, and it only costs $199.. Not bad if you ask me, No more searching for the right ram, or trying to fab your own brackets..
All you need is a taped box, or tap your own.. and a high steer kit which has a 1.25" tie rod..  Ive seen this kit and driven with one, and it makes 40's seem like there not even there..


199$ is alot of money compared to what these guys are doins it for.  you dont have to do any searching its all figured out allready all ya have to do is read up. The trail gear kit is an easy order and install kit ,but I will save my money for sommin else. :)
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