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Re: BigMike's Big Project
« Reply #180 on: Jul 12, 2004, 01:03:50 AM »
It was a direct bolt in.  We put a body lift on the short bed and decided to drop the tank to clean it since the truck hadnt been run in a few years.  Well I dropped the tank and it looked just like the tank from my 84 but the top was cut off of the shorty tank.  With the body lift and a little massageingof the bottom rear cab seam it bolted right in for a couple gallon extra.
That's weird because the two tanks I had were different lengths. I wonder if there is a long bed tank that was the same length but was just fatter instead of longer...

At any rate, I do need to find an EFI gas tank before I can get this thing firing, so I'll have to come up with one of those yet...

And finally, here is a pic of a mount I was making to mount the Ignitor and a final picture of the engine complete at the end of the day today. Everything is coming along very smoothly as I have not encountered any too serious of a problem yet, so I hope it keeps up like this and everything will be peachy keen..

G'Night all,
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