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Re: BigMike's Big Project
« Reply #180 on: Jul 12, 2004, 12:38:30 AM »
So here are my only clearance issues....

One with the brake booster which should be ok, and the other with the diff. Now its really dangerously close to the diff. But, I wanted to get the engine as low as possible to help with the CG. Once I put some 4" springs on and move the axle forward about 2 inches it will be in much better condition. I could always install some extra bump stop on the bottom of the passenger's side engine mount that will contact the top of the pumpkin before the housing wacks the oil pan. So I've got some more things to do and play around with before that really is an issue. I will just be careful while I am driving it around getting it smogged and registered. Like as if I jump trucks anyways?  :hammer:
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