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Re: BigMike's Big Project
« Reply #120 on: Jul 08, 2004, 08:29:04 AM »
Hey Brandon, WA has no inspection either unless your rig hasn't been tabbed in 2 years. ;) 

Mike I put the tank from my 84 x-cab under a buddies 86 short box and I believe it gave him a 2 gallon increase.  Not a huge jump but better than a kick in the nads. :dunno:

kewl, I was told differenty but I don't live there so I dunno ;)

There is actually a law in CO that says no LIFTS, period! Ya also gotta smog diesels there, and we had to smog our 53' jeep there too. Smog is more of just a visual but still..

Mike, I ran Jerry cans on the back of my jeep that were plumbed in line and had a separate fuel pump on a toggle switch. It worked great cause the gauge didn't ;)

I didn't cut the entire inner fenders out, only about 4" or so up from what is there stock on each side.

I found these, they show it pretty good. As for small holes vs big I'll admit it's all for the bling effect - the motor didn't need any more cooling  :driving:

For the smog they also want a working ebrake FYI :)

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