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Re: Extended Brakelines
« on: Jun 18, 2004, 10:46:01 PM »
i'm a cheap b*std.

for the front cut the bracket(remove the clip first) on top of the frame and bend the line(don't kink it). my dad has some angle iron that i found around the has tons of holes in it. i used some self tapping screws to hold it to the frame. put a hose clamp threw one of the holes and clamped around where the clip used to be it so it don't flop around.

for the rear get another rear soft break line(i think i got a 2wd since it's shorter) from kregan/autozone/napa(inscert favorite parts store here) and put it in series with the other one. it might be a little long but i'm sure you can find a way to secure it...but have it easily broken if you over extended it...mine is zip-tied to the e-break line heading back behind the gas tank.

hope this helps.

stainless braided is nice too. marlin don't sell a crappy product.

happy trails
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