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New To This Forum
« on: Mar 06, 2003, 03:15:57 PM »
Hi All,

I may be new to this forum but I've been around a little.
I have an '89 XCab SR5 V6.
Marlin installed my Ultimate Crawler in 1998.  Just finished a SAS with All Pro's D60 Hybrid w/Hi Pinion Diff and ARB.  Rear is stock axle with 4.88's and a Detroit Softlocker.  Have a pair of AOR's Orbit-Eye springs for the rear sitting on the garage floor along with a set of 4Crawler Rock Sliderz to be installed soon.  

When I'm not on the trail I work as a bean counter for a CD/DVD replicator in S.F. Bay Area.
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Terry Johnson
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Re: New To This Forum
« Reply #1 on: Mar 09, 2003, 03:26:29 AM »
:monkey:Hi all yes I'm new to this forum im about half way done with my latest project
89 toy sr-5, pro comp 4" lift 3" body still have the ifs
heads ported & polished venom hi flow injectors downy headers full 2.5" cat back syst. difs. have 5.29 gears true track f/r cust. 10"rims BFG 35-12.5-15 M/T

clubs: 4x4 in motion :up:
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I think Im a newbie,  yep   I a newbie!!!!
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2003, 04:27:49 PM »
hello' all,
i'm typing from lovely cinci oh. we just can't get enough rain here. Any way I have two runners,a silver 89 sr5 v6 ,and a black 93 sr5 v6 (the wifes ). The 93 is mostly stock with so small mobs in the future. My 89 runner is bobbed 9",has 5.29 gears,arb front , lock right rear,marlin crawler daul t- case w/ 2.28 gears in both,M.C. twin stick shifter,rear body shortened  ::5",home made front and rear bumpers w/ hitch  recievers,37x12.5 mt/r's,home made cross overpipe to y pipe conversion, folwmaster, 5.5" all pro off road streight axle con. , complete roll cage, on board air,home made rock bars , pvc snorkle up the windsheld post, tacoma driveshafts modified,gage piller w/ to many gages,home made short shifter, quick disconnect rear seats, all pro off road t -case disc ,rear disc brakes. All modifications done @ home with model glue and paint that was sold seperatly. just kidding I love fab things in my spare time. Thanks for reading. :crazy:
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we must get this man to a hospital ! A hospital ! What is it ?  It's a large building with patients , but thats not important right now.


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