Author Topic: Factory 4.88s came in what year/model 4runners?  (Read 3167 times)

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Factory 4.88s came in what year/model 4runners?
« on: Jun 04, 2004, 03:50:44 PM »
I was wondering which model/year 4runners came with 4.88s.  Anyone know?
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i didnt know 4:88 gears where a factory option in toyotas  :headscratch: :dunno:


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yeah 4.88 was a factory option, I don't know what years.

but you will run into trouble if you want after market gears since the carrier has an offset for the ring gear,
a friend of mine had to buy 2 used 3rd member because of this.
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Ok i dont remember what year they came in them but i know it was in auto tranny versions of trucks and 4 runners i have a mag or a book that tells you about it ill see if i can find it and get back with you.
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i believe '92-95 were the years.  look for a G144 axle code


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I dont know by memory but Marlin can answer this one.

Here is some info on Toyota VIN codes:

And you might want to check this site out for more info on 4Runners:

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All 88-95' V6 auto's with the aluminun rims [big tire package] had 4.88 r&p's.

88runner is correct :thumbs:
Instead of making a new thicker ring gear casting to fit the 4.10 diff housing, Toyota chose to simply cut the proper teeth on the 4.10 ring gear forging, and then made a new diff casting with the pinion moved closer to the ring gear.
This is a better design, since there is less enertia in the thinner [stock style] ring gear.

Remember, to obtain a higher numerical ratio, the pinion must have less teeth [smaller diameter], and the matching ring gear will require more teeth, but it must be thicker so the gears will mesh with the smaller pinion head.

The problem is that all after market r&p's have a thicker ring ring, so if the factory 4.88's fail, only the Toyota gear sets will fit. Hope you have $$$$$$. It is very hard to tell between a 4.10 and 4.88 casting.

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What trucks/4runners came with 4.56s?


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trucks with 31" tires and manual trannies came with 4.56s to my knowledge


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