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questions questions questions
« on: May 06, 2004, 01:05:44 AM »
I have an 84 with a buick 4.1 v6(same block as a 3.8) with a advance adapters conversion bell with a r150f with adapter plate and dual 23 spline cases
I'm installing a 2 inch drivetrain lift during this install as well. and hysteer with a winch and heavy front bumper set up.

The rears are going up front and 63 inch chevies are going in the rear (will the rears need extra leafs to support this extra weight?)

if the answer to the question is yes then would I be able to use some rear downey springs they are thin leafed with teflon sliders and have the extra arch (for another question)

I have been told that the hysteer is going to interfere with the springs up front (for another question)

and what is the best set up for the rear hangers for the 63 inchers?

also what have people been doing to the steering shafts from the cab to the steering box when they slide the box way forward?

will an trd e-locker cause clearance issues when you put the rears up front? and slide everything forward?

any help with any of these things would be extremely helpful since I am in the middle of this snowball (I mean project truck)

and by the way you guys did a great job with the shifters on my dual set up. bringing them up side by side.

what gear oil should I run for break in on the transfercases? and how soon should I change it?

I know several of these have been covered on other boards and used to have a log in on pirates but since they changed to the new board my login doesn't work and my new email is rejected so I can't do anything but browse. until I get it straightened out. but links to threads and any posts to question listed would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance John
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Re: questions questions questions
« Reply #1 on: Sep 11, 2004, 12:00:55 AM »
so I guess these questions were never answered then........... :doh:
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Re: questions questions questions
« Reply #2 on: Sep 11, 2004, 08:32:06 AM »
you are correctamundo


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Re: questions questions questions
« Reply #3 on: Sep 13, 2004, 04:11:53 PM »
1. Are you using stock rear leafs?  If you are then you will need to add a few more leafs to handle the weight.

2. I don't know about the highsteer hitting the front leafs (who told you this?). I am using rear springs and have plenty of clearance.   My pitman arm does hit my springs a little at full compression, but thats nothing to worry about.

3. For the rear hangers just go with a front sas hanger.  Not the whole thing, just the spring mounts.

4. steering shafts- I broke the two plastic pins holding mine together.  It will extend a long ways.  Then we just left it and it doesn't move in or out. 

5.I don't have any experience with a TRD locker but i wouldn't think it would matter. 

Hopefully any of this will help.


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Re: questions questions questions
« Reply #4 on: Sep 13, 2004, 11:23:49 PM »
thanks for the replys and it has helped I have worked out a few of the issues also got my pirate login straightened out as well that helped some.

I got sky's rear hangers and the rear axle is taken care of

the other real questions I have are these:
1. with the rears up front I have 89 model rears which are longer than the front springs but the eye to spring perch is the same distance as my downey front 3" springs.
I have 3" downey rears but they aren't any longer than the fronts and are shorter eye to perch than the front all this will acomplish is to move the axle forward.
I could use the 89 rears and redrill my perches and have longer springs and move the axel forward a little at the same time. I have to power steering box as far forward as posssible. even cut the radiator wall out and the body mount a little to get even more forward.

I just want to do it right the first time.

2. is the bolt pattern and axel mods the same on the high pinion e-locker as it is on the low pinion e-locker thirds?

3. concerning the high steer set up. I have a buick v6 it doesn't look like it will cause clearance issues but I guess I will find out soon
also the high steer and spring contact issues was a concern but that is another "I'll find out when I get there thing" I guess.

have you ever heard the phrase biting off more than you can chew well my mouth is full and and I'm having a hard time chewing ha ha.

anyway my truck already has a body lift and the steering has been modified already and with the box where it is now it is too short to modify any more so I guess I will have to build a totally new shaft or just extend mine with some pipe or something.
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