Author Topic: Keep our trails open!!!!! All you have to do is give your email address!!!!!  (Read 1045 times)

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Sign the petition by going to the following link, it takes a few seconds..... Keep our trails open!!!


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Hey repost or not, we appreciate the involvement in this! Thank you!
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One more problem to respond to, Boxer,s great idea..... Lets try to stop this before we lose more..........  SEE   BELOW........

2007 Boxer California Wild Heritage Bill S-493 - Petition to Sign

The 2007 Boxer California Wild Heritage Bill S-493 proposes 36 new Wilderness additions totaling over 1.1 million acres

It includes three inappropriate Wilderness additions in the Sequoia, which would close 46 existing trails to multiple use.
Motorized groups have adopted at least 7 trails within the area proposed to be closed to them
None of these volunteer groups were contacted to ask if they thought these Wilderness proposals were appropriate
None of these areas were recommended for Wilderness by the Sequoia National Forest
Below is a simple petition opposing any more Wilderness Areas in California

The bill will probably be scheduled for a vote about six months from now. Contact your Congressman & let them know how you feel.

Here is a link to find your Congressman's phone number & address
Save our forest from the sierra club, they are the enemy of outdoor enthusiast everywhere.


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