Author Topic: TEN SECONDS! That's all it takes to sign this letter! SIGN IT! Any & EVERYBODY!!  (Read 1634 times)

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So you are looking for an easy way to get a letter in to voice your opinion on the DEIS?  Here you go.

OK, although a real letter from each and everyone is a better tool, not everyone gets motivated enough to pull out a pen and write a letter.  I was emailed an alternative that can only help the cause.  This may have been posted before (maybe many times but I didn't see it in the search), but in case it wasn't here it is.  Please take 30 seconds (at most) to sign the petition.  I have no affiliation with the originator of the petition, but it appears to be well written for some opinion input.

Link to the Website:

Quicker Link to the petition letter.

Please sign it and pass it on to those you feel will want to help contribute to the poll and to one step closer to preserving some if not all our trails.

Thanks guys & dolls.

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I done did it back in the 100's... BUT SIGN IT AGAIN!!!!!
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