Author Topic: Is this normal? Plus knuckle rebuild questions.  (Read 8759 times)

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Ok, I understand now. I was just freaking out at the time. Thank you. By the way, that link doesn't work for me. It says that it cannot read the format. HTTP 406 Not Acceptable. Whatever that means. If it is an FSM, I have one, but my dad had it at the time, and I couldn't find him. Like I said, I was freaking out. But if I do run into the problem again, I will know to adjust the top shims. It pulled at 14 when I checked it. It turns out I was checking it wrong, and i was coming up with 16. I corrected myself and ended up with 14. I would call that perfectly acceptable. But I have to tear it all apart again anyways so I can put the wipers and such on. Oh well, like DTB said, I will get lots of practice.


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