What do I name my Boat

1 (5.3%)
money pit
9 (47.4%)
Gravey Boat
5 (26.3%)
earily retirement
1 (5.3%)
Juls Jewl
3 (15.8%)

Total Members Voted: 19

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Author Topic: Boat names  (Read 6458 times)

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Re: Boat names
« Reply #30 on: Jun 21, 2007, 06:25:24 PM »
For God's sake, please spell GRAVY correctly if you go that route.  Misspellings are not cute, especially when they are more or less permanent.  Reminds me of the bug deflector I saw on a Ford at the truck pulls, oh, twenty-five years ago, artfully airbrushed with "move it or LOOSE it!"  uh, sure, no problem...how loose did you need that to be again, mister?   :slap:

I dunno.  If nothing really fitting strikes, pick a funny-sounding woman's name, something old fashioned so nobody will mistake it for the name of the swinging young occupants of the boat.  Hell...I named my Corolla "Arlene"...heard it in an old Bo Diddly song, thought it sounded cool in a dorky kind of way.  Doesn't sound nearly as pathetic as referring to my decrepit old car (or your boat) as "Southern Discomfort" or "Momma's Heartache" or "Maalox Moment II" or "Hell's Belle" or "Shoulda' Known Better" or "College Fund" or "Snot Funny" or "Permanent Weekend" or "Bad Dream" or, worse yet, "Wet Dream".  Which is in bad taste, I know, but I've seen it on more boats than I'd like to admit.

For example.

Oh thank you TE!! I meant to say that but forgot.. there is GRAVY TRAIN... but that means you're makin money.. .but GRAVEy Train... can not be a good thing. :slap:

whatever you name it, pick something that's cool and different (I mean really... how many boats or trucks are already named Money Pit.)
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