Author Topic: 46&2's 85 4Runner Build-Up  (Read 195151 times)

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Re: 46&2's 85 4Runner Build-Up
« on: Mar 14, 2007, 10:50:30 PM »
Nice clean 4Runner!  I hope mine looks as nice as yours when I'm done with it!

Thanks man! I have been following your build up for quite a while. I wish i had a camera when I built my 4runner because i had wanted to document the entire process. I had to do a lot of shifting around though because i dont have my own shop (or certain tools yet), moving my truck from my house to various friends houses and a few 4x4 shops.  Ironicaly I got a camera about a month after the build was basicaly "done". On the plus side now i can take action shots when I finaly do some decent wheeling. I hope you are meeting your deadline for moab!
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