Author Topic: 46&2's 85 4Runner Build-Up  (Read 195140 times)

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Re: 46&2's 85 4Runner Build-Up
« on: Jan 15, 2007, 01:16:36 PM »
So here is my basic list of upgrades that I have installed. I wanted to go with 35x12.50 BFGs with the possibility of maybe 36s or 37s down the road.

Front 4 inch jeep wrangler springs w/ 2 inch shackles
Rear 63" chevy springs with stock chevy/6 inch dual shackle set up
14" stroke Front Bilstein 5125s
14" stroke Rear Bilstein 5125s
Ford shock towers
Full frame plates

88 IFS steering box
Marlin Crawler high steer

Swapped 85 rear with a rear axle out of an 88 pick up w/ 5.29 R&P (open)
Front vented rotors
IFS truck calipers/pads
IFS truck master cylinder
IFS hubs (cant get these to work with MC rotors  :tantrum:)
braided steel brake lines

MC rock sliders

All of this stuff has been installed.

Still need front 5.29s and front driveshaft (going with a square until I do dual cases)
Finish dual cases (i have the extra tcase and adapter just dont have the funds at the moment to install em and get all new drivelines)
Detroit/Aussie/Lockrite locker rear
ARB front locker/Air compressor
Longfield axleshafts
NEW tires (currently running some cheapo mudders with 20-30% tread)
MC rear bumper (i can no longer use my old bumper because of the dual shackles and I want the MC bumper anyhow)
1.5" Front wheel spacers

And I think thats just about it. For now anyway. :)

Its nice to be able to putt around town finally. It sucks I dont have my front gears or DS yet but it feels good to drive a near finished product of my own creation around town. I did most of the work myself with the help of several of my good friends. Wade, Kyle, Evan, Allen, Greg and last but not least, Luke & Brian at 4x4 Labs all helped out immensly. Couldn't have done it without you guys! Thanks!!!

I went out to the Winter Funfest the other day just to check out the rigs. I had been hoping to have my rig done by then, but oh well. It was cool to see all the different trucks out there. Couldnt do a damn thing with 2WD so I tested my flex a little and watched all the action. Anyway, hopefuly I will be getting my front gears and driveline this upcoming week. Until then I guess im prerunnin' it.
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