Author Topic: 1983 SR5 gauge swap  (Read 20838 times)

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Re: 1983 SR5 gauge swap
« on: May 05, 2009, 10:41:39 AM »
I also have an 82 non-sr5 model. Instead of exactly replicating the pin-outs above I tried to just hook up one gauge with the new pin configuration and it didn't work. I tried to hook up the fuel gauge with the new pin-outs and nothing happened. Do you have to do all of the pin-outs before anything will work? Is the 82 non-sr5 configured exactly like an 83 non-sr5 model? I'm asking because the wire colors are also not matching up. thanks
I've got a 1982 basic model and I've installed the SR5 cluster. I used the new pin-outs and everything is working except the tach. I've read through the threads and followed the instructions but without success. I know the gauges worked before. I've followed the back of the panel to the #14 screw for the tach, attached a wire there and then tried both the plugged end and the other wire as shown in some of the earlier photos. Any trouble shooting thoughts out there? Thanks.
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