Author Topic: 1990 Ext. cab to build or not to build  (Read 5119 times)

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Re: 1990 Ext. cab to build or not to build
« on: Dec 18, 2006, 06:41:13 PM »
On another note, it was said that if I ran 4:88s it would be gutless... well riddle me this one, I have an 85 carbed stock gears on 36 tsl sx's and I raced my buddy in his yota he has 5:71s with 42 iroks and he is efi and I pulled him. I honestly don't get it. He isn't the only yota I have beat. (Not to be a street racer I just was comparing the set ups between my truck and others)

How much heavier do you think 42" iroks are over 36" tsl sx's? I mean, you're kind of comparing apples to oranges in the sense that there are a bunch of different factors going into why you're truck beat his and those factors go far and beyond just gears. Not that it matters anyway, since (i presume) your 85 was a stick and your 90 is an auto. Look around and see what gears people are running in their DD auto trucks, or better yet, think about the fact that from the factory, 4.30's were needed to move stock size tires... so 4.88 with 35's is gonna be way off.  :twocents:
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