Author Topic: Q on LC eng Flex Fan (replacing OEM Clutch fan)  (Read 1058 times)

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Q on LC eng Flex Fan (replacing OEM Clutch fan)
« on: Nov 08, 2006, 06:56:39 PM »
Another tech question I am wondering about.  (I think I should have left my motor stock after the rebuild).  Does anyone here use a Taurus fan and can you tell any power gains at all? I have been running the LCeng Steel flexi fan for about 3 years now and I am running a little hotter than what I like.  Wished I would have stayed stock.   :shakehead:
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i have been having temp trouble too,  i just recently installed a 2 inch body lift,  with drop brackets for the radiator  and  it really helped my temps,  they dropped 20*

btw  the flex fan  is  bad,  pm BigMike,  or  look at his  buildup  of his truck  he runs taurus  fans
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I run a flex fan and have no problems.  I only have  the stock style temp gauge but as far as I can tell it runs exactly as cool as with the stock fan.  I thought I was gonna have clearence problems with the power steering pump pulley bolt, but the flex fane clears it by a little more than 1/4".  It's a little close for comfort but it has never hit.  I wanted to go with an electric fan, but I went with the flex to save a little cash.

Is there any particular reason that the flex fan is bad?  Is there something maybe I don't know?
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i personaly hate flex fans because i had one eat a radiator, and about the cooling issues look down in the radiater with a flash light if you see a bunch of crud build up then that is most likely your problem i had that problem with both the tow rig and the toy the toy used to over heat all the time i put a new rad in and its never gotten above 180 deg the tow rig used to run hot wile towing and i discoverd just how bad the problem was on a resent trip down to cali turned a 12-14 hour trip into a 19+ hour trip if you do replace the rad i recomend upgrading to a 3 core if you have the room


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In my opinion, any fan that can move air for a dependable amount of time (ie. multiple years worth of daily service) will work great. Try to run a 16" or larger fan, at least no smaller than 14" unless you are using multiple fans. I am using my 16" early-style (single speed, two wire) ford taurus e-fan as a puller and it is working great because of what is controlling it............

I Strongly urge you to consider using the as your fan speed control/thermostat.

It varies the amperage sent to the fan and maintains a constant engine temp. It works MOST EXCELLENT and I am MOST GRATEFUL that I bought it. I think no e-fan setup should be used without it.
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