Author Topic: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest  (Read 11046 times)

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Re: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest
« on: Oct 07, 2006, 11:02:53 AM »
ok blackdiamond we've talked about this in person but I thought I'd still post up my opinion for everone else to read. 

These are all the tires I've run and had personal experience with
33x12.50x15 BFG MT on my TJ..............They are ok all around but not my favorite tire
37x12.50x15 SSR      "    "   "...............Better performance than the BFG but not a very long lasting tire
35x12.50x15 BFG MT on 85 ex cab.........One of my favorite tires for a toyota and they seemed to work very well in the snow
35x12.50x15 SSR on a 4 Runner.............Worked well in the snow even thought they were almost completely bald, decent rock tire
37x12.50x17 BFG AT on F250 Superduty... The worst tire I've ever had on that truck and they barely even lasted 20,000 miles
37x12.50x17 SSR     "      "      "  ..........Lasted 35,000 but wore very badly for the last 8,000.  Very good tire for the snow when siped.
37x13.50x17 Toyo MT "    "      ".............By far my favorite tire, very quite, last a long time and rides the smoothest
38.5x16x15  TSL on 4 Runner..................I HATE THEM, rode like crap, and have NO SIDEWALL FLEX or light rigs.  I lost 2 bead in 40 feet
37x14.50x15 Toyo MT on 4 Runner...........My absolute favorite tire I've ever had.  Amazeing traction, rides nice and last a long time
39x13.50x17 BFG Krawler Comp tread......Hands down the very best rock tires.  Granted their on my buggy I can climb up vertical walls

I have to say that after driving on a lot of tires that the Toyo MT is by far the best production tire out there that really isn't talked about very much.  I've wheeled with nearly ever tire that guys use in almost every condition of wheeling and just feel that the Toyos perform the best for a multi purpose tire.  Now some tires will be better than some but if you only could buy one tire for all of your 4 wheeling thats got my vote up any day.


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