Author Topic: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest  (Read 11323 times)

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Re: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest
« on: Oct 07, 2006, 05:57:45 AM »
I tend to agree with Mr_DIY 

I've never seen an SSR preform very well offroad :dunno:  Onroad they're decent, but offroad, they've got horrible traction.  Personally I've run BFG ATs (on a fullsize dodge) BFG MTs, and MTRs.  I think the MTRs and the MTs are a pretty comparable tire, and I've never had any problem with the sidewalls on either one :dunno:  When I went through the 'con for the roundup, I didn't air down (didn't want to lose the ground clearance under the center frame of my IFS, and I was thoroughly pleased with the grip of the MTs, and the sidewall flex :thumbs:  I usually run them between 25-30 psi, and Have about 25K on them, with a little more than half tread left. :thumbs: 

I think my next set of tires will be a set of TSLs, a little better offroad preformance, and I'm not driving my truck near as much as I used to, so the onroad manners won't be as big a deal anymore.  :twocents:

The SSR's are the TSL's(depending radial or bias) only they're factory sipped. It even say's it on the sidewall.
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