Author Topic: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest  (Read 11331 times)

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Re: Interco Tire Corp vs. The Rest
« on: Oct 05, 2006, 02:04:20 PM »
I've run both the BFG M/T and Swamper SSR's on my DD and hands down the SSR's are the best multi purpose tire I've used as of now. The SSR's have gotten over 60,000 miles on them I didn't even get 30k out of the BFG's which have proven to be one of the worst tires I've used. The SSR's performed great off road and handle wet pavement and icy conditions almost flawlessly. The BFG's handle in the snow just fine but only after airing down to what I'd use for a trail ride. The only place the BFG's out performed the SSR's was on sharp rocks the SSR'S do just fine but the softer compound made them chunck the lugs easier then the BFG's As for muddin the BFG's didn't perform all that well I got stuck in a hole that I walked through many a time with bald Mickey Thompson baja radials and the SSR's just flat out tears it up. But other than that for the on road caracteristics I'll take the SSR's every time they are quiet for an aggressive tire and as long as you rotate them you'll get plenty of miles out of them. Just my .02
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