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Re: 85 pickup re-born
« Reply #30 on: Oct 15, 2006, 08:20:38 PM »
got it out this weekend, maiden voyage was calamity canyon, and then ran die trying the next day, saturday was raining way too hard so we drove to moab and ran pritchett, no pics from that.

overall it was incredible, 8 months of hard work all worth it. Nothing broke, no real glaring problems. I had to replace a steering line to the pump, I used heater hose and the pump was collapsing it, so I replaced with a heavier duty hose, problem solved.

The carb ran PHENOMENAL. Lowered the floats, added a fuel pressure regulator, and vented the bowl and it ran every but as good as EFI. No joke. I would have to feather the gas really slightly when I was sitting on big inclines, but really off camber, or steep climbs or drops and no issues at all.

Need to finish the cage and tube bed, that will happen shortly, and really the only other thing is I need a center limit strap on the rear. On steep decents it would lift the shocks some increasing the pucker:)

hmmm...have a few pics to post but 100k is the limit and mine are 102. no pics then.


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