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any idea how much different the harness in a 1996 would be from this one.... I know the 96 is a distributor motor and the 2000 is a twin coil but I am not sure how much of the wiring carrys over??? If anyone has any idea or a list of what wires are needed in the 1996 application I would appreciate the info....

I'm currently putting in a 96 3RZ into my 86 4Runner.  Got most of the wires sorted/labled but have not splice them in yet.  After I bought my 96 EWD manual, I found this link @ TTORA for the 96Tacoma wiring manual.  (Wish I had found it sooner!)

I can tell you that the 96 does not have the IK3 connector, but a larger IK1 connector.  Most of the wires are the same color with the same function, but they are in a different spot on the connectors.  I hope this link helps you.

I may be starting on the wiring this weekend, but I still have a lot of small loose ends to take care of.


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