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Finally finished my project. I have a couple cosmetic things left and AC things but its smogged, registered and gets over 20MPG.

Engine front

SMOG and fuse box in factory Tacoma positions

MAF and resonators

Side view; E-Locker switches that still need to be mounted

Passenger side view; Still trying to figure out the radio, no speakers, no sound. The Tacoma AC/heater and blower motor are under that dash.

Drivers side view; Tilt wheel works, Speedometer is 2 MPH off with Marlin signal converter.

The only 4-runner wiring left is for the rear window. The rest in all new from the 2000 Tacoma donor.

Exhaust crossover; driveshaft clearance is an issue with the HP 3rd

Front clearance; Electic fan was a must. There was 3" too little room for mechanical.

Rear is tight. Just like I like it. Harness in factory position.

85 4Runner
2000 3RZ
2000 Tacoma dash, wiring harness, AC/Heater system
Front Diamond Axle with 5.29 HP E-locker, Longfield 30's, Kongs Hi Steer,
Rear Tacoma axle with 5.29 E-locker, Front Range Off Road Full Float Axle Kit
Marlin Dual case, Marlin 4.7 gears in rear case


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