Author Topic: a special thank you to our troops  (Read 121099 times)

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Re: a special thank you to our troops
« Reply #120 on: Jan 11, 2007, 06:14:41 PM »
so... im kinda ina bind... i support the troops and everything over seas fighting for good canada and us.. butt... my older brother applied for artillary detail in the canadian forces and i think he got accpeted.. like... i really dont want him goin over there and gettin killed. how could i talk some sence into him to stay at home and not go.. my mother doesnt even know about it yet.

Why would you be talking SENSE into him by convince'n him to stay home?  not try'n to start a fight but your brother probably has the same view as I do... I want to DO something... I want to answer the call of my country and uphold what rights and values we enjoy today... to me... the only sensible thing I've done with my life was to sign that dotted line...

Like I said I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything... just offering another point of view... probably closer to your older brothers...

That being said... I have a little brother over there... and I'd do anything to ensure he's out of danger... if I could... I'd change places with him... but it makes me damn proud to call him my brother...  I hope your as proud of yours...



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