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Re: rebuilding front end
« on: Dec 10, 2005, 05:07:37 PM »
a 10mm for the locker bolts, 12mm for the lockhub studs, ahammer and punch to remove the cone washers, 52mm socket  or some big slipjoint pliers  or just a shapre punch and a hammer to get the hub nuts  off the spindle,  oh yea some snap ring pliers help but ive done it with a couple small pry bars,  then remove the hub and rotor,  oh smack,  forgot,  17mm to remove the brake caliper  and a 10mm to release the brake fluid pressure, then rotorand hub off, 14mm for the spindle bolts 17 mm for the steering arm studs and bottom cap studs, :smack:  forgot again,  10mm for the felt wiper,  gotta remove those,  :headscratch:  then again,  maybe you could skip that, not sure ive never skipped that,

but simple hand tools is all you need
just replace the bearings and seals  and make sure you have the same amount of shims on top and bottom,  of the knuckle
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