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Re: Help on fluids
« on: Oct 27, 2005, 06:50:10 PM »

There are a few different and less expensive ways to get water out of mechanical things. Products like WD40 break the water down and absorb it. Alcohol does this too. It absorbs the water and then evaporates. Basically, this is how fuel additives like "heat" work. They break up the water in the fuel and absorb it.

I haven't priced any out, but stores like the Home Depot sell WD40 in gallon cans. If the cost wasn't too bad, you could put a quart or 2 of WD40 in the contaminated compartment. Cycle the gears around a little and the water would go out the drain when you dump the WD40. It would be worth checking into. Around here, a couple of cans of brake clean will set you back 6 or 7 bucks and I think the WD40 would do a better job of getting all the water out.

  Ya WD40 may work ok.  I was using the brake clean to cut the "soap" ( the foamy sluge made by mixing hot oil and water) and pull the contamined oil out of the metal. There are a lot of solvents that can be used too.  But of a good on the trail fix, a couple cans of brake clean sprayed into the diff( all oil and run off is of course caught in a contanter).  $20 for brake clean or $300+ to rebuild the third.. metal on metal and no lube equals  :flamer:  :yikes:


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