Author Topic: JEEP OWNERS.Check in!!!.  (Read 89938 times)

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Re: JEEP OWNERS.Check in!!!.
« Reply #120 on: Jun 04, 2007, 09:27:55 AM »
Im workin on it. But $$$ is all im waiting for now. Ill do a build-up on here once i have all the damn parts for it.

 But the real reason i support Marlin is,

  I met Marlin loooong ago on a run. I had to winch my junk over a waterfall and i didnt have any gloves. He walked all the way back to where i was, handed me pair of signed gloves and told me its not good to thrash my hands. I know its not much. But im one of them old school guys that will support the good people in this industry like Marlin everytime!

 That and BigMikes a good guy too!

(X 1,000)                                                                                                                     Infernal told me I could run twin yota tcases planing on using marlin gear for that! :thumbs:  I ran a marlin sticker on my jeep to because I met Marlin at the last MCR and he is a great guy would give you the shirt right off his back.  He was late to his own birfday party cause he was helping others fix there rigs. 


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