Author Topic: Let's See Your Tow Rig  (Read 250982 times)

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Re: Let's See Your Tow Rig
« Reply #240 on: Feb 08, 2008, 09:19:05 AM »
ya buddy... ya gotta love the ole 12v cummins... mine is a beast and has never let me down and I use the :pokinit: out of it..... it will be a good rig

 I had a `92 kinda like yours. But mine was a beat up pos!! I loved that truck. With my old powerwagon on the trailer and the bed loaded down it would still run 70 down the highway no      problem!! I really regret selling that truck. I have an `05 qc lb 4wd 6spd but I would still like to have that `92 back...nothing better than a beater diesel!!
`87 was sas'd, 37's, duals, geared/ locked, 10in bob, half doors, rock lights. etc., etc.,.........coming soon a 3.4 swap!!!