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1984 toyota 4x4 pickup
« on: Jul 06, 2005, 01:19:28 PM »
a 1984 toyota pickup 4x4. Ill be honest here, this is a straight wheeler for now. Here are some specs

it has a 22r engine with like 40k miles. Engine has no smog equipment really so wont pass smog. Engine runs freaking great. Has hedman headers with flowmaster exhaust which boosts the power a bit and purrrs.

The drivetrain is basically all rebuilt. It has 4:11 gears on 90% xterrian 33 inch tires on black rockcrawler rims. Solid axle with rancho 9000 rsx shocks adjustable. Goes into 4wheel no problem. Trans is rebuilt with brand new clutch. Center force stage 2 clutch. This clutch is crazy. Most likely u will stall the first time its so sensetive. The inside is gutted basically. The rpm battery and mph work but gas and such doesnt. Has some poop bucket seats. Basically inside needs some working. outside is ugly too with black hericane stuff. Car has no rust at all.

Was registered in 2004 but hasent been since then. I was going to non op it and trailer it to off road with it but i need a laptop for school so come buy my truck!

For 1,500 it is a good deal considering what was put in it and how much. Also another good note is that it was sitting for like 3 weeks close to a month with out moving and yesterday i started it up and it started in one switch in a second. No smoke or anything. I let it sit for about 5 mins then moved it to a different parking spot. Ran freaking great.

Ok heres the deal. I dont want any kids that need their mom or dads permission to buy it because a mom isnt going to like this car one little bit. I personally would like to sell it to a dedicated off roader that needs a toyota truck to off road with, or someone that has motivation to fix it up to a beable to be a dd. If you have any questions EMAIL me. I dont feel like getting smashed by phone calls. Need to sell asap so start emailing! no pictures. Come check it out if interested


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