Author Topic: My first build, 87 4runner  (Read 23481 times)

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Re: My first build, 87 4runner
« Reply #30 on: Oct 03, 2005, 07:12:26 PM »
Its been a while since ive updated but its coming along. In the pictures i was as far as having put my spacers on, brake lines, sky billet flat pitman arm,and an extra leaef in my front pack for a alittle more lift and that was about it. Over the past week i got a dual case setup w/ 4.7 in the back with 23 spline and a sky crossmember, so i got those installed this past weekend.. The guy gave me 2 marlin shifter knobs with it so i was happy :eyebrow: I got some marlin sliders sitting around waiting to be installed, but im buying body parts this week so im painting it and i figure i should install them after i paint it to make my life easier. After that comes making bumpers etc. and all that good stuff. ALSO im going to bob it this weekend. I hate talking about what im going to do but im tryin to step up the pace a bit and get it finished but school and lots of work leaves little time for my truck.


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