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Re: project extend-a-toy
« Reply #270 on: Jul 03, 2009, 08:43:49 PM »
SWEET! as always!
butt way did you put the bed up so high?

thankyou good sir....  its just mocked up there just to get it off my shop floor..   it will actually be dropped down another 4 inches..  there is actually going to be a few things happening with this bed.. i am going to go ahead with my removable bed side idea and i found some terrific weldable hinges that slide apart easily to be able to do this..  as well, i think i might put all 3 of my batteries undernieth the bed as well for better weight distribution as well..   i am still thinking of putting an onboard air tank and my muffler has to fit under that bed as well...    to gain access to this all i am making the bed a "tilt bed" kind of like a dump truck..  i already have the hydraulics and a small 8" cylinder... (although i have a similar air cylinder setup too that i might use just to save on weight, although at this point it really doesnt matter...  i have friends that make fun of me and call my truck "extend-a-ton"...    i tell them that all i used to do before/during i got into this project is build Landcruisers so i thought i should build it to be just as heavy..
the never ending build...;highlight=extend-a-toy

Was searching for something and came across this old jew. BUMP to a classic thread :thumbs:


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