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Re: project extend-a-toy
« Reply #270 on: Apr 24, 2009, 02:04:05 AM »
wow very cool build I just read through the whole thing. id love to have an extended first gen get a pic of someone sitting in the back seat for a refrence on how much room was gained.

it will be around 3 extra feet of floor space behind the drivers and passenger seats to the back of the cab... plus with the extra storage bins that got put into the floor it added close to 3 cubic feet of storage.. these will be used to store my first aid kit, tow straps, a few odds and ends tools, etc..  i have hinged covers made for those...just not shown in the pics...

when i get my seats installed back there i will take a pic for you of me (who is 5'9"..) sitting back there for better reference..  it will be huge though :thumbs: ......
the never ending build...;highlight=extend-a-toy

Was searching for something and came across this old jew. BUMP to a classic thread :thumbs:


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