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Re: project extend-a-toy
« Reply #270 on: Apr 24, 2009, 01:55:22 AM »
i wasnt going to add to this till i had "the big update"...   :disturbed:   but i will let everyone in on whats going on...  oh yeah.. years have gone by sinse i started this project.. i suck but i have other trucks i can wheel so this was never the priority...   :greengrin:

i have full intentions of being at this years marlin crawler roundup with this truck so now that it isnt sub arctic temps around here anymore i have been going nuts and trying to get some good progress again....
 as we know, i have got a 3.4 in the truck now and am just finishing sorting out the harness...  its amazing that out of that huge body harness i only needed about 15 wires to make this work...  i will be posting up connector pics with wire numbers and explanations soon to make it easier for anyone else that tries this engine into a first gen.. the harness is quitea bit nicer to work with then the 3 litre harness was..  everything just makes a little more sense and the wiring is better laid out...
 as well, i am ordering my a/c condensor, evap core, reciever dryer and a new heater core next week as well...  i will be using the a/c pump that is on the 3.4 to make this work..  the actual getting of the a/c to work is not a priority right now but getting all installed and mocked into place in the truck is...   the 3.4 wiring harness and ecu wants to share the same space as the evaporator core box assembly so i have some figuring to do there..
 on monday i am also ordering my cooling fans...  i will be getting the flex-a-lite 16 inch low profile electric fan for the main fan  and will be running two  ten inch perma-cool fans in between the grill and the rad....  all of this will be controlled by a flex-a-lite fan controller that will have a threaded sensor in my cooling system.... i dont care for the probe styles that get pushed into the fins of your rad... they arent as acurate and i hate hurting a new rad like that...

last week i had time to put my brand new daystar body mounts in and got the holes drilled in the cab floor and bolted it down....  i have every friday off due to working 4 10 hour shifts every week so starting tomorrow and through out the weekend i am going to hopefully have the newly redesigned rockers done and mabey a part of the sheetmetal work finished around the corners of this cab...  the goal is to have the major sheet metal work done by the first or so week in may...

anyways, that about it for now.. there is more but i am not prepared to talk or show pics just quite yet.....

the never ending build...;highlight=extend-a-toy

Was searching for something and came across this old jew. BUMP to a classic thread :thumbs:


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