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Re: project extend-a-toy
« on: Oct 29, 2005, 06:42:13 PM »
well, its been waaaaaaaaay to long.....this thread definitellly fell back quite a ways..... anyways, the summer is pretty much all pissed away, and my house that I bought back in may has kept me quite busy over the last while but I finally have time again to get at my truck....   I guess in the mean time I built another cruiser and took that wheeling in october but now its time to get going on my mini again.... unfortunatelly, I have not had time to do anything with the body but I have been slowly collecting stuff stuff to start from the ground up...

I just picked up a 87 truck frame that is in 97% perfect shape which is wierd for around still has most of the original black paint all over the frame...  today I picked up some 3rd gen rear springs and compiled the rest of what i got..... I should have enough to make a good flexy front suspension with 51 inch springs... i also picked up a lot of steel to make new body mounts and all that too.... my goal is to get it done by january some time.... we will see... pics will follow over the next couple of days here....
*EDIT* only 1 pic to post tonight..

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the never ending build...;highlight=extend-a-toy

Was searching for something and came across this old jew. BUMP to a classic thread :thumbs:


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