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Re: project extend-a-toy
« on: Jul 03, 2005, 02:50:23 AM »
today I made the decision to say screw the 3rd door option.... all though I think it would be pretty cool I just dont want to deal with all the work... I will be more than happy with a extended cab minitruck...

I was also quite productive today as well and got back to work on the truck... I got tired of doing house things and figured I am slacking on the mini so I managed to graft one ford extended cab window section that I got from the wrecker... its even close to the same color!! it was actually pretty easy to do and the other side should go twice as quick tomorrow..its actually kind neat to see how the body lines are even close..

anyways, the first pic shows the piece that I cut out and had to trim up to get it to fit in the toyota cab....

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the never ending build...;highlight=extend-a-toy

Was searching for something and came across this old jew. BUMP to a classic thread :thumbs:


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