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Re: Tire opinions Needed
« on: May 07, 2005, 06:10:51 PM »
Hey Dirt bag, is that a body in the back of your truck????   

Hi Rocks Hurt, 2a3x3a, Im a crew dawg!  Glad to see a fellow Airman on the board. My stepdad was a Chief up at Travis for many many years. Im grew up in Vacaville/ Dixon and Sacramento Area.  Yes the F-15 is an awesome machine! It is not the easiest Jet to crew sometimes but it gets the job done for sure. Yes I got to ride In An E model when I was stationed in Lakanheath back in 200-2002. That  was the most amazing thing ever, nothing will top that experience. I re-enlisted a few months back, im having too much fun. People gripe about the service, but you will notice that civilians gripe about the same thing, low pay, crapppy boss from time to time, long hours etc... But you meet the coolest people and travel the world and get paid to do it!

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